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Then Why Play The Game

Alpha Lavin Advisors, LLC (ALA). is a firm founded by Sean Lavin M.D. with the goal of helping early stage healthcare companies access capital in a cost effective and time sensitive manner. We also provide M&A or other strategic advice. We have a fundamental view that too many ideas are lost because many physicians or other inventors do not have experience raising or accessing capital. It is our hope to fill the gap between early stage ventures and the size where traditional banks become interested, allowing more novel devices to make it to market and positively impact patient care and results. While we expect much of our firm's focus to be on capital, we also will provide consulting advice to companies, both large and small, and investment ideas to institutional investment funds. We are here to help and will consider many type of projects. Please contact us for more information.

Sean Lavin M.D.
Founder and CEO

Sean Lavin M.D. began his career as an equity research analyst at Oppenheimer and Co in 2006. He then transitioned to Lazard Capital Markets, before helping build the healthcare group at BTIG. Sean left BTIG at the end of 2019 to form his own advisory firm. Over the past 14 years, Sean supplied some of the most sought after research advice on medical devices and diagnostics to approximately 1000 institutional investment funds. He covered approximately fifty public companies during this time period and helped BTIG be involved in raising ~$25B in new capital for healthcare companies over the past five years. ~$14B went to device and diagnostic companies, which were Sean's lead areas of focus. Details on Sean's Wall Street experience can be found here. 

Before beginning his successful Wall Street career, Sean graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a B.S. in Chemistry, Minor in Biology, and Concentration in Economics. Sean then earned his M.D. from the Ohio State University College of Medicine. He then spent several years as a surgical resident in Miami, FL that involved Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Hollywood Memorial Hospital, and Jackson Memorial Hospital. During these years, Sean focused on general surgery, urology, trauma surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, transplant surgery, oncologic surgery, the ICU, and emergency medicine. The things he learned as a clinician prove invaluable in identifying devices and technologies that he feels will be embraced and rapidly adopted by physicians. 

Away from work, Sean is an avid skier having raced for years, enjoys world travel, live music, craft beer, red wine, observing many sports, and photography, and is becoming a collector of modern art. 

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