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We Offer A Wide Variety Of Services

Resulting In Clarity And Success

Raising Capital:

For quite some time we have felt that many innovative medical device, diagnostic, or digital health early stage companies have a hard time finding capital. While Wall Street is very well set up for large capital raises, it is not as well designed in our opinion to work with start up companies. Many recently founded companies are started by physicians or scientists who may not have experience accessing funds. Many of these ideas never make it to market due to lack of capital. It is our goal to work with both early stage and later further along companies to access capital. We can be involved in all phases of capital raises including private placements, IPOs, and secondaries and plan to work with companies along the entire path. It is our goal to be more efficient and more cost effective than the traditional banks. We believe that we can raise capital in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost that most banks use because we are much more streamlined and we have a far more compact team of experts. If you wish to explore working with us for your capital needs, please contact us.

Consulting For Companies, Investor Relations, and Capital Markets Advisory:

While one area of focus for Alpha Lavin Advisors, LLC. is to help companies more effectively access capital and grow, as Sean began to think about this venture, he asked many company managements what services might be of value to them. The answers were diverse and with that in mind, the team here is open to various projects. We can consult with companies either on a flat rate or success driven basis for a variety of projects. These may include market development, strategic planning, Merger and Acquisition (M&A) advice, salesperson build out, investor relations, discussions about how investors view the company, and many other areas. After fourteen years of close relations with 100s of companies and about 1000 institutional funds, Sean has seen almost every form of success and failure and will use these experiences to help your company be more successful  and avoid pitfalls. If you may wish to work together please contact us. The opportunities are only limited by ideas we come up with. 

Consulting For Investment Funds:

As the team here discussed starting this company with a number of investment funds, we heard back that some would like to continue the relationships we had before Sean left BTIG. Sean will continue to find interesting investments, attend medical conferences, and be active in the space. It is possible he will host conferences again in the future. If you may wish to have investment ideas passed your way, to hear from Sean when he learns new public, but potentially stock moving information while at conferences or other public events, or to consider other projects please let us know. A few funds have asked if we would be willing to evaluate some of their investments or how the managements are functioning at them or to build market models for comparison to theirs. We are open to a variety of work and enjoyed working with many funds the past 14 years. We hope to continue many of these relationships. If you have a project, wish to work toghether, or want to stay informed on new news or investment ideas, please contact us. For previous top investment ideas, click here.
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