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We Always Find A Way

Our goal is to provide solutions more effectively, more efficiently, and at a lower cost than most other banks. Regardless of your project, whether it involves raising capital, building novel markets, finding and presenting long term investment ideas, bringing you short term profitable trades, running surveys, helping with investor relations or gathering feedback about how investors view your business, helping management better run a business, or anything else that can help your company or fund operate more effectively and more profitably, we will not stop until the project is complete and successful. We pride ourselves on winning and we hate to lose. That attitude drives us to work around the clock to be the best at what we do. It's our passion every day. Our goal is to help our clients succeed. We will help you outperform your competition. We are driven to execute more efficiently than other banks, to provide better outcomes than our competitors, and to perform at a lower cost. We are flexible on payment and actually like company stock or warrants as we want to align ourselves with winners. 
We have a few advantages based on experience. While most sell side analysts spend their time with larger companies and a small number of funds, for the past 14 years, Sean has chosen to always meet with early stage companies as well as smaller funds as well as the usual multinationals and core large funds. This uniquely positions us in a situation where one person can take on the roles of banker, analyst, and sales team that might include 10+ people at many banks. Having one person with immense knowledge about both medicine and institutional investors leads to efficiencies where we can operate much more swiftly and at a lower cost than many of our competitors. We have seen both what works and what has not worked in the past at many healthcare companies and investment funds. We realize that many companies, and especially coming out of Covid, have limited available cash and need to raise money quickly. We will never promise that investors will fill a raise, and any bank that does is guessing, but we can promise to set up the appropriate meetings and do so quickly and efficiently. In some cases our relationships will be what helps your company to raise capital. In other cases, while you could have done so on your own, the time we save your management team will allow them to more effectively run your business while we help secure the funds.. 
We want to partner with strong ideas. While we will spare you the motto "We will change the medical world" it is our goal to help bring beneficial technologies to patients. When we look back in 10-15 years we are hopeful to see a group of successful companies with which we worked and we hope these devices and diagnostics lead to better outcomes and more affordable healthcare for patients around the world. We favor quality over quantity. Along these lines we are brutally honest. If we feel an idea does not have merit or a company is making mistakes, we will tell you. We would rather pass on projects that we think will not be successful to focus our efforts and time on the ones we think have the most prospects for strong futures.
The last advantage of working with Alpha Lavin Advisors, LLC.  is every client will work directly with Sean. Many banks pass clients around amongst multiple senior and junior bankers, multiple analysts and associates, and large sales teams. Some employees are great and some are not. If you choose ALA you are guaranteed to work with a senior expert on your project and to have a direct communication line to Sean at all times. 
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